God is Sovereign

With wars and rumors of wars, natural disasters that are off the charts, and lawlessness at an all time high, knowing God is sovereign over everything, takes away all fear!

We know God is righteous and works all things according to His holy will. Despite evil men openly plotting destruction, what a relief it is to know God has sovereign power to prevent anything. So, we can be assured whatever does happen has been allowed by Him, in order to accomplish His good purpose. What’s so amazing about God’s sovereignty, is that we usually see it in hindsight.

Categories: Encouragement, hope

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  1. The knowledge that he is sovereign is what helps me not feel overwhelmed with some of the things we keep hearing. He is in control, it does not mean it will all be easy for us but we know that we can trust our Lord through every situation.
    Blessings Malinda 💙

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    • Absolutely! Having an understanding of God’s sovereignty is the only thing that keeps me grounded. You’re right, it’s certainly not easy! Many blessings to you, Manu🙏🏼✝️

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