We Can’t Rescue People, but God Can

Over the years I’ve developed an intense desire, to help rescue people out of their pain and suffering. The truth is, we can’t fix other people’s problems, only Jesus can do that. But, we can compassionately walk along side of them in prayer, offering encouraging words of wisdom when appropriate, and showing them God’s unconditional Love.

While we may see our loved ones suffering and going through difficult circumstances, it’s essential to realize we’re powerless save them out of their situations. People make choices, and many times they choose to deny God. They simply turn their back upon His goodness and walk away from Him. As much as we’d like to heal their hearts and make everything in their lives better, it might be their own pain that nudges them back towards God, and places them back on to the right path again.

Sometimes people must experience the lowest of the lows in their life, before they genuinely turn to God. Truthfully, we’re all prodigals eating the pigs slop, until we make the choice to run back into the safety of the Fathers arms.

We can’t rescue people from the consequences of their life choices, but God can use these situations to work out His good purpose. Never give up on praying for those you love, and never loose hope. God is much bigger and more in control than our mind can fathom. Pray, and trust God to rescue those who need rescuing. He is faithful to those who Love Him, and who place their trust in Him.

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  1. Hi Melinda, “Truthfully, we’re all prodigals eating the pigs slop, until we make the choice to run back into the safety of the Fathers arms.” I love this! As we pray and support friends and family through life challenges, we must humbly remember that all of us can make bad choices sometimes and we all need Jesus just as much as anyone else. There is freedom to truly support others when we separate the need to support from the fixing mentality. The Holy Spirit has that covered!

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  2. Walking alongside friends who have gone through trials, I have learnt that you cannot solve their problems. I always say my role is to care and not to carry their burden. Only Christ. An carry that. And like you said the caring comes in being there for them, praying for and with them.
    Thanks Malinda.

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    • Thank you for your caring words, Manu. I love your saying, “To care, and not carry their burden.” It’s difficult to see people we’re concerned about struggle, or to see them making wrong choices, but that’s when God can step in and use it all for His glory. May God richly bless your day!

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